Party Platter Player


Sam Meyer
Nisha Pathak


  • 1 table
  • 1 tray (we will build a special tray which facilitates the capabilities we will need)
  • 1 disco ball
  • 1 LED diffuser (TBD)
  • 6 plates (will be made from a variety of materials – glass, paper, styrofoam)
  • 6 meals/snacks
  • 6 FSRs for plates
  • 20 light sensors for tray
  • 1 Windows Surface for tray sound (already owned)
  • 1 laptop for table sound

We will create a party tray which controls the start and end of a party through various light and sound effects. The tray, outfitted with light sensors, will react when plates are placed on top of it. When the tray is lifted, a disco ball starts spinning and LEDs on the table light up and move through a sequence of color combinations. Based on the number and location of plates, we will play a musical beat and/or melody. No music plays until the tray is lifted off the table or until the users take a plate off of the tray. Then, when the plates are replaced back on the tray, the music sounds are eliminated, one by one, plate by plate. Once the tray is placed back on the table, the LEDs turn off and the disco stops spinning, indicating the end of the event.

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