Final project proposal

We plan to continue the project we outlined in our midterm presentation. The patch will work with Adafruit FLORA’s suite of wearable, sewable products in order to get a close-to-skin form factor. For a prototype, this will likely involve fabric rather than something that adheres to the skin, but should be wearable nonetheless.

Here is the list of products we anticipate experimenting with:

  • FLORA sensor pack – includes ancillary items like conductive thread and various sensors
  • Heating modules
  • Bluetooth modules
  • Pressure-sensitive conductive sheets
  • Haptic motor controllers
  • Vibrating mini motor discs
  • Temperature sensors

While we do not anticipate using each item to create our prototype, we see this as an opportunity to try out different sensations and sensors to see what people respond to the most, and use those for our prototype.

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