[RR06] VR

I experienced two VR Games: the balloon-popping one and the North Face exploring one.

The part that I enjoyed the most and what surprised me the most about VR was the illusion of tactility. During the balloon popping game, I could actually feel tension coming from the bow, and it made me feel like I was really exercising a bit as I fended off the little helmet people. Three senses were engaged, and that was incredibly immersive–I completely forgot that I was in the basement of South Hall.

Another part I really enjoyed about VR was how it genuinely made me feel scared. After I tried out Deep Blue for a quick minute, I backed out, because I didn’t want to imagine what might be behind the dark depths, even though I knew that those were mere voxels.

There were certain bugs to the system that I found interesting. For example, you could find a spot in the North Face where you were hovering over land instead of being planted right on it. It was an interesting sensation and almost frightening sensation. Though to pure VR enthusiasts it would be considered a design flaw, I like that it gave us this affordance to experience something we would never be able to experience in real life.

One design flaw that came up was the difficulty of navigating the user interface of the balloon popping game. We didn’t know how to properly teleport to the right place to start the game. There was no natural interaction. We only got it through a trial-and-error of input sequences with the controller. This is something that should definitely be remedied with more user testing.

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