VR Experience

What I love most about VR experience is that it’s actually an “experience” itself. Going to different applications with HTC Vive brings me to different realities. This is drastically different than web experiences where most of the website gives me similar experiences. On the web, we are mostly just absorbing or contributing information on the network. With VR, the focus with information (images/texts,numbers) is lessened by something that’s more grand, an overall experience. I would love to enhance/expand the experience of VR by making more connection with the physical reality, which is basically what Magicleap is trying to do, creating a mixed reality.

The part of the experience I like the least is the headset, it makes my eyes and face sweaty and the wires would occasionally block my way. Making it wireless and making the headset less tangible would enhance the experience more. Also, if I pay a lot of attention to my peripheral sight then I can still gain a peak of the physical reality, which is distracting… removing such burden would also help the experience!

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