Virtual Reality >>> Regular Reality

My favorite part of the HTC Vive experience was creating a crazy cool dress in Tiltbrush! I made it out of the duct tape brush, with fireworks coming out over the skirt, with a waveform belt and fog sleeves, a rainbow cape, and fire shoes. Pretty cool, huh? I think I probably spent 30 minutes creating this very detailed dress and I really enjoyed it! I really liked experimenting with the different textures and exploring what drawing in a 3D space felt like. I did do a lot of cool intersections and explored the 3D space. If I were to suggest a way to improve the experience would be to have a matching dress form in real life so I could prevent myself from drawing through the form and I could tell where the form ends.


My least favorite part of the HTC Vive experience was when I did the Van Gogh room. I accidentally stumbled into an “Easter Egg” room which was all dark except a table with a handwritten note from Van Gogh himself – it felt like a horror movie! I had no idea what was in the darkness and I couldn’t find my way out of the room, and Noura had to watch as I freaked out and ran around and circles. If I were to improve it, I would make it clear when you enter a different “Room” rather than just surprising you once you reach a different threshold.

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