HTC Vive Experience

Using the HTC Vive was my first, true experience with VR. In the past, I’ve used makeshift sets like Google Cardboard but now realized that that was a simple introduction into the true power of VR. I was truly impressed by this technology’s ability to completely transform my world into an underwater shipwreck next to a Blue whale or into an artist’s canvas where I could paint and draw in the air around me. Perhaps what was more fascinating was how realistic and true to a real-world experience using the VR headset actually was. I played fetch with a robot dog and looked over the edge of a cliff all from the basement of South Hall.

To enhance this experience, I think could be helpful to be able to adjust how close or far text and the art canvas appear. For example, one of the screens with text was too close and too large and hurt my eyes to read it. If I had the ability to control the distance between myself and some text, it would have been a more pleasant experience.

The part of my experience I liked least was the weight of the headset. After some time, the weight became too much and I had to remove it. To address it, a design team could revisit the materials used to build the technology, remove the unnecessary components, and they could also design slimmer and more comfortable hardware.

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