“Feeling” real in VR

While using the HTC Vive, I enjoyed it most when I pulled back a bow and felt the vibration and sound telling me that I had put in effort to pull back the bow. After shooting many arrows, my arm had actually started to feel tired (but not nearly as tired as I would be from shooting that many arrows in real life). To enhance it more, I would want to be able to lean over the parapet just enough to see down- the limited area of motion became annoying over time. However, for my first time playing, it was probably a good limitation that kept me from feeling sick.

The part I liked least was trying to figure out when to point and click, and when I should grab with the trigger. It wasn’t clear when each needed to be done. This will likely be solved as more VR games are created. They will need to come up with a common design language that will become as natural as moving a mouse on a computer.

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