Thoughtless Acts: improving the couch

I got this couch for free on craigslist and have not yet gotten bed bugs from it. Hooray!

Below you can see my roommate laying on the couch sideways. To make this comfortable (and to not have her head and neck on the rigid and uncushioned armrest), she has removed one of the pillows from its intended position, and put it between her and the armrest.

I’ve tried this setup as well, and interestingly it is a far more comfortable position than the traditional and originally intended position. A drawback of this approach is that it makes it harder to share the couch. Only one person can use the couch this way at a time, versus when used normally, the couch has a capacity of at least two people.

Perhaps Nicole’s (and my) use of the couch in this way indicates a need for a couch experience that involves a large amount of back and neck cushioning, a deep angle of recline, and elevation for the feet and legs. I think that I would absolutely sit in this sort of chair/couch.



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