Thoughtless Acts

<h3>One Pot Dish</h3>


In this photo, out of laziness, I repurposed my rice cooker to also steam my vegetables and then repurposed the rice cooker container as a bowl. A simple design fix would be to attach another layer for vegetables to keep the flavors from mixing. I’m sure this design solution already exists somewhere in the product space.

<h3>Hanging on a Hanger</h3>


The diameter of my rail could not fit my drying rack’s hook, so I hooked it onto another hanger. A simple design fix here would be to have a hook that is not as rigid. That way it could flexible wrap around rails. Otherwise, it could be designed so that the user could set the hook diameter themselves within a given range.

<h3>Amazon Desktop</h3>


I have been making full use out of my Amazon shipments by utilizing the boxes as both carriers and tables. My desk is quite small so when I make things, I use the bottom of my box. This provides me an adequate second table so I can separate my book work from my maker work.


However, when the project is done, I simply invert my table space and get back a box to carry my project in. For this example, I can’t think of a better solution, because I can’t imagine another feasibly designed portable desk that could shapeshift into a container. Sometimes simplicity works, despite the best design intentions?

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