Rediscover Extraordinary in the Ordinary

During my last visit to BAMPFA, I encountered this design space where numerous couches of different colors and shapes were placed on the floor to allow the visitors to move them around to create a different workspace. It was a very fun activity and the readings this week reminded me of this design. When we visit most offices, they layouts are usually static and offer no space for creativity. The initial design of the office will never change. However, this design space encourage people to make changes and new arrangements so they can become more comfortable with the space. Such idea is a bit similar to strangely familiar where the people who experience the ordinary daily objects can make changes to them by creating a new experience with the same set of objects. I think this design allows me to think about things different and force me to think about how other ordinary things in life can be made more fluid so people have more control.

One project that’s similar to such idea is Lego Phone, where people buy components to design their own mobile phone. Even though the project failed at the end but it was still a very fun experiment conceptually.



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