Kitchen Choreography & the Kitchen Workspace

Our main goal is to help those who want to learn how to cook and prepare beautiful meals, improve their skills. We want to help choreograph meals so that all components associated with cooking culminate simultaneously. For example, we will have several timers so you can track and time individual items separately. There’s also a┬ádigital display of the recipe on the board and a progress indicator which rewards the cook as they achieve milestones. Finally, another important component of presenting a meal is its plating. We also intend to provide suggestions to the cook so that they can prepare for and present their guests with a well-choreographed meal.

Product goals:

  • To educate someone who wants to learn how to cook how to do it well and to enjoy the process
  • Provide a guide to cooks so that they can plate their meals well

img_20161002_161313 img_20161002_163017 slack-for-ios-uploadkitchen-surface

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