Andrew Blauvelt’s Strangely Familiar : Design and Everyday life tells about various examples that cover the domains of Multifunctionality, Transforming the everyday, Portability, etc. While going through the examples I could understand that in the world around us, design in everywhere: the tools we use, the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, the houses we dwell, etc. One thing that covered all the domains mentioned above and was an everyday design marvel would be the QRing.
Designed by an industrial design major at Georgia Tech, the QRing is basically a piece of jewellery which doubles up as a resting spot for the cue stick. Personally, I love playing 8 ball and an artifact as simple and useful as the QRing aids me during my game. Now, it isn’t as stable as the cue stick stand which may be available at a pool table but the fact that it is so portable that it can fit on your hand all the time while adorning as a piece of jewellery is simply convenient. Secondly, pool is a game that is mostly related to men but the Qring gives an opportunity to women players who find it difficult to take shots to be a pro at the game.
All in all, I would say that QRing is an industrial designed artifact I love that not only meets my expectations but also goes beyond and changes the way I think about a ring.

Details about the project can be found here


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