Cups and Strange Familiarity

A step back from the high tech innovation world, I found a variety of industrial designed cute cups that are so interesting that customers can’t help paying for the priceless ideas embedded in their design.

The examples below all show various degrees of strange ways to combining two familiar common forms to re-design the traditional form of a cup. More over, every time I experience a different interesting cup, the joy of discovery it’s hidden tricky ideas, and sometimes the feeling to try the strange form of the cup with my own hand holding the cup is very delightful and impressive.


This cup combines the familiarity of a cat with 2 feet hanging to the cup’s spoon.


This is an example of cup handler mimicing the void form of human fingers holding a cup.



This is a fun example of how the form of the cup mimics cute animal feet.


This final example of cup handle mimics a cat’s tail to blend in an interesting visual element, as well as delightful feelings when people hold the handle.

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