Ambient media: virtual window

The first example came to my mind is a virtual window that brings the weather, sun light, nature indoor, when reading on calm computing and ambient media. When I worked for my last employer, my office didn’t have a window. Just like many of my colleagues, I often felt down to stay in a windowless room for a whole day. I thought a virtual window could help me to calm down and improve my productivity. In the taxonomy of ambient system, the information system of virtual window is quiet, and “afford opportunistic glances to the information”. It gives people an illusion that they are staying outside and they are close to the nature. This kind of ambient information would be helpful for people who have to seat in front of their desks during most of the daytime, but still want to connect to the outside world. People don’t need to give full attention to the “windows”, just knowing that the “window” exists and an occasional glance is enough to make a different in a closed space. I came across Winscape, a virtual window that can show different sceneries such as Golden Bridge, beach, snow etc. It also mimics an actual window, if you move, the angle of the scenery changes accordingly. A brief introduction video is embedded below.

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