Dance Dance Revolution

The UI I was thinking about while reading Fishkin, is the Dance Dance Revolution mat. DDR is a dance video game set up in arcades and available on the Playstation, which uses a mat that the player stands on and interacts with. The mat has arrows that are used to go up, down, left, and right when stepped on. This relates directly to the ‘distant’ embodiment, in that players stand away from the screen. Their input on the mat directly affects the game screen in front of them.

The metaphor being implied in this case is body movement directly representing similar body movement of the character in the game. A step forward on the ‘up’ arrow results in the character performing that action and scoring points if done at exactly the right time. Here, the TUI has a direct noun and verb analogy with its virtual counterpart. In this way, the taxonomy was helpful in understanding how we perceive and are intuitively able to use the DDR mat. It’s clear that the designers of the game wanted to provide an easy to learn experience.

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