While reading Fishkin (2004), I was most struck by examples like Virtual Reality and the tiltbrush. I really liked Mithen’s argument that ‘‘the most powerful [metaphors] are those which cross domain boundaries, such as by associating a living entity with something that is inert or an idea with something that is tangible” – and I feel like aspects of tiltbrush cross into that multi-modal metaphor spectrum, like the weight of similar textiles in real life having weight in the VR space.

Fishkin’s taxonomy is also helpful in understanding the UIs because it attempts to create a framework in order to discuss different types of embodiment. I feel like tiltbrush falls into both Environmental and Full experience. I can see aspects of certain environments that could fall into one category, like Distant/None (keyboard interface), but change as a game evolves or player levels up (like Eviro/Verb), so it is difficult to classify a TUI as one category for the duration of the interaction.

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