Even with the popularity of streaming, my radio is one of my favorite possessions. When I wake up, it is the first thing I switch on. Instantly, I hear chatter of wacky morning DJ’s and new music without needing to look at a screen or open an app. If I want to change to one of my favorite broadcasts in the afternoon, I can adjust the knobs on the side without looking – only listening for a familiar voice. The simplicity of a switch and two knobs (and the occasional antenna adjustment) allows dozens of channels of information to come streaming in with barely any effort on my part to select a source or curate a playlist, and I am exposed to new and interesting topics and artists which influence my own behavior, an example of cultural determinism (Acting with Technology, p 39). When framing this experience in the view of activity theory (Vygotsky 1982a), I am the subject, the radio my tool, and my objective to learn about what is relevant in my local community. It is also more than just the tool, but how simple it is to operate.


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