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I’m attempting to keep a running list of tools and resources mentioned in class over on the Resources page. Send me a note or post a comment here if you’d like to see something listed that isn’t currently. (Or put up a blog post about it!)

Onward! And do keep those blog posts coming. Priya got us off to a great start. If you have questions about blog post guidelines, look at the bottom of our Assignments page.

Readings for Tuesday

Just a heads-up to note that readings were posted for next week’s lecture. Tuesday 1/29 your Assignment 1s are due, then the following Tuesday 2/5 your first days of data for Assignment 4 are due. Probably a good idea to invest a little creative energy this weekend thinking about the kind of data you want to collect every day.

Some inspiration:


As promised, here is some information about Tableau:

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  • Download Tableau 7.0 from:
  • On the landing page you’ll get to at the link above, fill out the form on the right hand side of the page. Under “Job Title”, mark Student; and under “Organization”, please input “UC Berkeley School of Information”.
  • License Key: [highlight]Check your email[/highlight]


You need to run Windows in order to use Tableau. If you own a Mac, you can you can get all the software needed to do this for free:

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In case you run into issues with your installation, [highlight]don’t hesitate to add a comment to this post[/highlight] so that anyone can help you out.

Lab 1 – Data: Preparations

To make sure we’re not wasting time installing applications during the lecture, please come prepared to the lab and install the following application:
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  • Open Refine (formerly known as Google Refine)
    If you work on a Mac with Mountain Lion and run into problems installing the app, the culprit is most likely the download restriction for apps from unknown developers. To run Google Refine you’ll have to temporarily disable the privacy protection (as described in this issue ticket).

We’re also going to use the Google Spreadsheet app (part of Google Drive). In the unlikely case you haven’t already signed up for a Google account, please make sure you do so before the lecture.

If you run into any other problems installing the applications, please comment on this post so that others can avoid going through the same issues.

Class Mailing List

If you haven’t already, please sign up for the class mailing list:

I School Students

If you’re an I School student: subscribe via email to Majordomo by sending email to with the following command in the body of your email message:

subscribe i247

Make sure to use your I School email. Alternatively you can subscribe via you intranet account (

Students From Other Departments

If you’re a student from another department: send an email to Galen (gpanger@ischool) and he’s going to add you to the list.

Starting next week (that is, after the next class session) the mailing list is going to be where we send out reminders and announcements.