Movies In Theaters



There is an abundance of movies in theaters and choosing which one to watch is a common task. There are many variables in choosing what to watch, and everyone has different needs. Some people may be more interested in critically acclaimed movies. Others might be more interested in crowd pleasers. Some may want to watch movies that are currently trending, while others who haven’t been to the theaters in a while may want to watch the most popular movie in the past month.

Movies in Theaters is an exploratory visualization thats helps people visualize movies in theaters and decide what movie to watch. You can explore movies based on various criteria such as release date, critic ratings, and audience ratings. It’s also to see the differences between criteria such as audience and critic rating, and the animations help illustrate this.

Users can dig deeper into each movie to view more information. The primary purpose here is to show information that will help the user make a decision. This includes mpaa rating, runtime, genre, directors, actors, a trailer, synopsis, ratings, and box office information.

Team: Karthik Reddy, Taeil Kwak