MOOC Analytics


MOOC Analytics

Visualization is hosted at:

Team: Kristin Stephens, Kate Hsiao, Divya Karthikeyan, Kiran Chandramohanan

A Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) is an online course that can involve 100,000s of students at one time. With orders of magnitude more students commonly seen in a single classroom, instructors must find new ways to understand, use, and visualize their class’s information. Here we created a MOOC dashboard that provides instructors a view into their data, to better understand what is currently going on in the course.

Our visualization focuses on answering the most common and daily questions an instructor would have when coming to the dashboard: “Where are the students?” and “How are they doing?” These questions led us to the following graphs:

Current Student Positions: The x-axis shows the sequence of content students will go through over the course of the week. Bars are color coded based on the type of content (video, quiz, homework, other). A bar shows the number of students at that current position, or where they last visited.

Graded Items (graphs are grouped by type)

  1. Student Status : A stacked bar graph of the number of students in each status category for a graded item. Students are split into three categories: not started, submitted, and in progress.
  2. Student Attempts: A stacked bar graph showing the number of students that tried 1 to 10+ attempts for a given graded item.
  3. Grade Distribution: Shows the grade distribution for each graded item using a color gradient of red for 0% to white for 50% to blue for 100%. The high grade distribution is because students are able to submit a graded item multiple times and therefore commonly submit until they get a perfect score.

 Overall Active Students: Provides information on how many students are currently active in the course. We defined active student as they interacted with the course material within the last 7 days.