Presenting “Food For Thought”

Title: Food For Thought

Description: Do you know how much money you spend on food per year? Can you guess how much money the average American spends on food per year?

Team: Sara Cambridge, Chris Hallas, Suhani N Mehta, Aksel Olsen

Using data from the latest national Consumer Expenditure survey, we summarize what an average American household spends on food. We then unpack this extremely rich data set further by looking at how demographic markers– age, income, region and race– reveal interesting patterns and insights about food choices.

What makes food interesting as a category is that we all have to eat, and in theory we all need the same (or similar) amount of nutrition. Yet the diversity within America suggest that preferences and culture might lead to very different consumption habits.

Would you expect those living in the South to have different items in their shopping cart than you? How about those over 50 years old? Or those who make less than $20,000 per year? The results are surprising!

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