Final Project


  • You’ll create an interactive information visualization using the tools, frameworks, and theories from this semester
  • Static visualizations are accepted, if there is a rationale not to use interaction.


Your main final deliverable is a hosted version of your final visualization artifact. You’re also required to hand in a report that covers the process of your visualization and the most important step. Your report will have to include the following things:

  • Competitive Analysis Who has done similar things? Did you learn anything from these visualizations? What could be improved?
  • Sketches Your first rough mockups or sketches. This is particularly helpful to put in contrast to your final visualization.
  • Iteration Artifacts The major iterations of your visualizations. I would like to see how your visualization has improved along the way and what decisions you made to improve them.


You’ll work in group sizes of 3-4 people. It’s best to work with people with complimentary skill sets


  • Mar 20 Project proposals due
  • Apr 3 Design critique 1
  • Apr 24 Last lecture / Design critique 2
  • May 6 Deadline for deliverables
  • May 8 Project presentations


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