Introduction to D3

My company organized a visualization meetup last week with the title “Introduction to D3”. If you’re interested to learn more about D3, check out the videos on our blog. The first talk was by Joe Golike who comes from a design background. The folks among you who are not proficient coders might enjoy his take on learning D3. After that, Vadim Ogievsky gave a code intro to D3, similar to what I did in last week’s lab, but a little more extensively.

Material Lecture 5 / Readings Lecture 6

I posted some material to the page for today’s lecture:

  • Slides
  • Great introduction and tutorial of D3.js
Also, the readings for lecture 6 are posted. One of the required readings is a video by next week’s guest lecturer Geoff McGhee. It’s a bit over a year old. Because the industry moves quickly, it’s not 100% current anymore, but it’s still worth your time to watch it.


A few more things about how to get Tableau running. On your Mac and otherwise:

  • Apparently the licenses we got are specific to Tableau V 6.1. I will receive updated licenses for the recently released V 7.0 on Monday. You’ll receive an email with instructions as soon as I get them.
  • As discussed in class, you can run Windows on your Mac by installing it in a virtual environment. Oracle Virtual Box is free and reliable. Here’s what you have to do to get Windows (and thus Tableau) running on your Mac: