Final project

Presentation due date: tbd (check syllabus for possible days)

Paper due date: May 10

A formal report of your findings, similar to what you’d give a client.

A presentation to the class

The report is a paper describing what you did and the theoretical stance underlying your approach to the project and what you learned in carrying it out. It should include both:

  • What you would include in a thorough written client report, like this one, this one,¬†or the Reading Ahead presentation I showed in class. This includes (but is not limited to!),
    • an executive summary (Note: the example links don’t have clear executive summary sections but it’s a helpful component.)
    • background about the project
    • your research questions/goals
    • in-depth descriptions of methods, including sampling and recruiting
    • findings.
    • protocols and other supplementary information in appendices
  • A couple of pages of reflective analysis about your initial understandings about user research and what you learned about user research in the process of doing this project.

This report does not have to be in Word. It can be in the form of a website. What’s important is that you share what you did and your results in a coherent, detailed, and concise way.