Date Lecture Reading (subject to change) Assignments
Aug 27 Introduction, Overview, Group Project Out: Project Pitch (optional)
Sep 1 Project Pitches, Speed-dating In: Project Pitch
Out: Group Pitch / Team Descriptions
Sep 3 Project Pitches, Speed-dating Out: Observation
Sep 8 Contextual Inquiry & Design Ethnography, Pitches / Group Work
Sep 10 Team Pitches In: Group Pitch / Team Descriptions
Sep 15 Contextual Inquiry Activity
Sep 17 Personas & Other User Research Methods
Sep 22 Mental Models and Affordances
Sep 24 Prototyping Out: Lo-Fi Prototype
Sep 29 Group Presentations In: Observation
Oct 1 Group Presentations
Oct 6 Paper Prototyping Activity
Oct 8 Formative Evaluation
Oct 13 Think Aloud Activity In: Lo-Fi Prototype
Out: Think Aloud
Oct 15 Prototyping Tools
Oct 20 Cognitive theories in HCI  In: Think Aloud
Out: Interactive Prototype
Oct 22 Visual Design

Further Reading:

Oct 27 In-class Prototyping
Oct 29 Heuristic Evaluation Activity In: Interactive Prototype
Out: Heuristic Evaluation
Nov 3 Reflective Design (guest lecture by Meena Natarajan)

Examples of Critical Design:

Further Reading:

Out: Experiment Design
Out: Functional Prototype
Out: Final Submission
Nov 5 Usability Testing
  • Jakob Nielsen, Usability Engineering, Chapter 6
In: Heuristic Evaluation
Nov 10 Sensors & Interactions (Nick Merrill)
Nov 12 Sensors & Interactions (Nick Merrill)  
Nov 17 History of HCI
Nov 19 Guest lecture:
Nov 24 Pilot Usability Test In: Experiment Design
Dec 1 Final Presentations In: Functional Prototype
In: Final Presentation
Dec 3 Final Presentations
Dec 15 In: Final Submission

Thanks to Jake Wobbrock, Scott Klemmer, Rob Miller, James Landay and Marti Hearst for inspiring many of these slides, readings and other materials!