Assignment 3 due date

Due to popular request, Assignment 3’s due date will be moved from Oct 4 to Oct 6.

Assignment #3

Assignment #3 has been posted here and is due on Monday, October 4th, 2010. A few things about submitting your HW (to help Emily & I grade your assignments) Put your name on EVERY page (use header) Remember to put your response for each question on a SEPARATE page (for the hardcopy) Do NOT print […]

A2 UML Follow-Up

In lab today we looked at a very detailed UML diagram, which raised the question about the necessary level of detail to include in your own UML diagrams for Assignment #2. Per the instructions, your UML diagram should include: attributes operations (methods) relationships (Please also specify relationship cardinality and multiplicity, where applicable.) You do not […]

Emily’s Office Hours this week

Just a quick reminder that my office hours this week will be on Thursday, September 23rd from 11AM – 12PM in the South Hall atrium. Thanks! Emily

Assignment #2

Assignment #2 has been posted here and is due next Monday, September 27th. Part of this assignment will be to implement code using the object-oriented paradigm. Please note the different submission instructions for Parts 1 and 2.  Let us know if you have any questions!

Readings for 9/8 Lecture

In case you did not get to the last slide for today’s lecture, please note the following reading assignments: 1. Follow-up supplementary reading for today’s lecture: Wikipedia articles on ‘information theory’ and ‘huffman coding’ 2. Reading assignment for next lecture: Brookshear Chapter 2.1-2.5, Appendix C Optional: Brookshear Chapter 2.6 Have a good Labor Day weekend!

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