On Call Guidelines

Each student is required to select one class meeting for which s/he will be on call. The expectations and responsibilities include the following:

1. “205 in the World” Blog Post. Students on call will collaborate on a blog post about a current event or issue that relates to the legal and policy issues to be discussed in the chosen class meeting. We expect that students will meet—physically or virtually—to identify an issue and develop the post, and reference readings where relevant. It must be posted to the class blog by 5pm the day before class.

You should not, under any circumstances, summarize the readings. The purpose of your blog post is to apply the readings to a current event or issue in the news. It is NOT to provide Cliffnotes for the class.

Some starting points: Why is it relevant? Why is it important? What questions does it raise about the law? How might the problem be decided if the law was interpreted in the same way as it was in the legal opinion/materials covered that week? What problems arise from this law’s interaction with technology and society?

Use this post as an opportunity to come up with some questions you think are important, whether they are things you’d like to discuss further, things that need clarification, or questions that help continue the conversation started by the reading materials.

2. Class Preparation. You are expected to be prepared for class every week, however, students on call will be relied upon to provide facts and details from the readings, and generally be particularly immersed in the materials.