Tags and Mashups

While poking around the mashups of programableweb.com (via my ISSD class) I found a neat mashup. Cloudalicious! For fun I entered the ischool URL.
The site lists the first 10 tags as: education, information, ischool, berkeley, ucberkeley, research, school, gradschool, technology, and library.

What do you think? Are they good/relevant/correct/useful?

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Mozilla Ubiquity

Mozilla Ubiquity is a new Firefox extension which adds a command-line interface to Firefox–for instance, you can email the current page by bringing up the command line and typing ’email this to Joe’, insert Google maps in emails without leaving the page, and eventually hopefully ‘post this page to i202 blog with tags mashups, web 2.0, integration, folksonomy’. New commands can be developed by anyone and subscribed to as you see fit. I think it’s compelling in the same way as Launchy—it’s fast and it enables you to work with basically any web service from any page without using the mouse. I’m also interested in natural-language search, which Ubiquity uses. Basically, their goal is to allow information retrieval with verbs, not nouns.

Class session: 21. Search Models and UI for IR

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