For this assignment, you should plan to work with your classmates on creating a mailing list post that covers the main components of your topic and reflects the research you do to contextualize, unpack, and understand the issues relevant to the reading.  By the time you get to class, you should have prepared to contribute to discussion, draw on your research, and even answer questions during the session we cover your topic.  Your time as a designated participant in discussion and the work you do on the mailing list post will help determine your grade.

We will form presentation groups based on your responses. Keep in mind that topics and dates are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

First, you will work with your group to post an entry to the class mailing list (ude.yelekreb.loohcsinull@301i) that covers what you see as the key issues of the material for which you are responsible (the reading listed on the syllabus for your presentation date). Please send your entry to the mailing list on the day before class.

Second, we will have in-class presentations, 15 minutes in length, which should build on the mailing list entry and work to relate the material for that session to the overall themes of the course and related topics. Feel free to come up with related topics based on your own interests. Presentations are a place for you to discuss your own interests in relation to the course topics. If you want to use slides for your presentation, please email them before class to one of the instructors.

Lastly, plan on leading class discussion immediately following your presentation.