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Write three pages, double-spaced (750 words) on the following topic:

McLuhan asserts that “[t]he new electric galaxy of events has already moved deeply into the Gutenberg galaxy.  Even without collision, such coexistence of technologies and awareness brings trauma and tension to every living person.  Our most ordinary and conventional attitudes seem suddenly twisted into gargoyles and grotesques.  Familiar institutions and associations seem at times menacing and malignant.”

In what ways is McLuhan’s statement characteristic a of reaction to technological change that we have studied in this course? Can you connect this passage to determinism and/or other writings on technological development? Subsequently, make an argument as to how this dynamic plays out in writing systems and literacy.

In the course of your paper, you should draw on relevant readings from the syllabus, which may include Marshack, Robinson, Havelock, Gough, Goody, and Scribner.

A successful paper will draw connections between *two* of the readings in a way that demonstrates an original and well-argued understanding of the material. An exceptional paper will do this while offering a way of thinking about the history of information that makes connections with other areas of the course.

Cite references to authors using (author, page) format.

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