Structure, Projects, Assignments

In-class: Lectures and Activities

Half of each class will be devoted to lecture while half will be devoted to small group discussions, group work towards the group research projects, student presentations, or the occasional on-campus field trip.

Assignments and Grading

Attendance and in-class participation – 10% of course grade:
We expect questions, answers, and lively discussion both during lectures and in group activities. The instructors must be notified of absences well in advance.

Reading assignments and quizzes – 30% of course grade
There will be 17 in class quizzes that will be based off the reading for that day. Quizzes will involve short response or identification of key terms. We will drop the lowest two quizzes from your grade.

Group research project – 30% of course grade. Students will work in groups of 3-4 people and create in-class presentation on a topic that addresses an aspect of the history of information, in a particular time and space. There will be a series of milestones to meet in weeks 2-5. Details to come. Posted!

Final Essay – 30% of course grade
The final paper is a 2000 word essay which explores and elaborates on some aspect of the history of information. We will provide a list of possible topics and questions to answer. Final essays will be due on Wednesday, August 12 (the second-to-last class session). **UPDATE: Now due on Friday, August 14 at 1:15pm. No late essays will be accepted.

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