bspace and announcements July 8, 2009

Hopefully all of you have been getting emails from “bspace.” For those of you who have no idea what bspace is, it’s software designed to help manage different aspects of the course. We will primarily be using it as a way to keep an online gradebook, upload various resources, and sending out announcements.

Accessing bspace

Go to  At the top-right of the page, there should be a place to enter your Cal ID and your password. Then you should see tabs across the top. Look for the one that corresponds to our course.

Summarizing bspace announcements

From this afternoon on, you should have received 3 announcements from bspace, all of which were sent to the email address that the school has on record for you (NOTE: this may not be the email address that you gave us in the questionnaire… so check your other accounts).

  • Megan sent out information regarding Friday’s class
  • Dan posted the group assignments to the “Resources” section and this sent out an email to everyone
  • Dan followed this up with another email with additional details
  • We have posted the grades for Quiz 1, which you can also access on bspace.

So, go look for these in your inbox!

Research projects

Remember to spend a bit of time on your own coming up with some project topic ideas to bring to your first group meeting on Friday.

Recapping a few important details… July 6, 2009

It was great to see a packed room today and to meet so many new people. We apologize for the heat and the metal folding chairs. We’ll try to do something about the latter, but there’s not much we can do about the former.

For Wednesday…

Go to the Class Schedule and Readings page and scroll down to Wednesday, July 8. There are two readings. The link for the first one, by Goody and Watt, that means that it is online. Remember that you will need to access the web via the library’s proxy server. The instructions on how to do that are at the top of that page. The second one is in the course reader, which, as we explained in the previous post and in class today, is available at Copy Central on Bancroft. A link to the map is on the previous post.

Note that there is our first in-class quiz on Wednesday. Underneath the readings, we have included the things that we would like you to think about as you read through it. Be ready to respond to a question in class.

Get started reading early!

Class enrollment and the waiting list…

As we explained in class, we have no control over the size of the class or who gets in off the waiting list. The class size of 49 people is dictated by the room (“Architectural determinism”? Or is this a result of laws in the fire code?).

For those of you who are enrolled in the class, we will be taking attendance. If you are not there on Wednesday and haven’t given us a good excuse, you will lose your place and someone will come in off the waiting list. If you have any questions about this, send us both emails.

Any more questions? Send us emails and we’ll try to get you a response as soon as we can.

See you tomorrow and info. on the Course Reader July 5, 2009

We are excited to kick off the class tomorrow! Remember, we are meeting in South Hall, Room 202, at 1:00pm.

Location reminder

Not sure where South Hall is? If you’ve taken a campus tour, it’s the stop where the tour guide points at the “Oldest building on campus” and then asks you to find the “smallest bear on campus.” It’s an old red brick building across from the Campanile (the bell tower). Right about here.

Getting the Course Reader

As we explain on the class schedule and readings page, not all of the readings are in the reader, but some are. The first volume of readings, covering some of the readings from weeks 1 to 3 is available for pick up at Copy Central near the corner of Bancroft and Bowditch. This is the Copy Central on the south side of campus. Right about here.

It will be helpful to get the reader when you show up for the first meeting. Even better if you skim through the first two…

We’re excited to kick things off tomorrow! Looking forward to meeting all of you.

Welcome to the History of Information May 14, 2009

Welcome to the course website for the History of Information, Summer 2009 version! We are looking forward to a great six weeks starting in July.

You can see the structure and schedule by following the links on the right.


The syllabus is still being finalized. This version reflects the basic class structure and provides a good sense of the course topics and how the course will be orgnanized.

However, we are still making changes such as: the order of some of the classes, what is on and off the required reading list, and the details on the grading system (such as number of smaller assignments, allocation of points, and so on). If you are intersted in seeing some of the readings, check out the syllabus for the most recent version of the course, taught in Spring semester 2009.

If you’d like to check out some of the readings, you can see the syllabus for the History of Information, Spring 2009 (still wrapping up…).