Recapping a few important details…

Posted by Dan - July 6, 2009

It was great to see a packed room today and to meet so many new people. We apologize for the heat and the metal folding chairs. We’ll try to do something about the latter, but there’s not much we can do about the former.

For Wednesday…

Go to the Class Schedule and Readings page and scroll down to Wednesday, July 8. There are two readings. The link for the first one, by Goody and Watt, that means that it is online. Remember that you will need to access the web via the library’s proxy server. The instructions on how to do that are at the top of that page. The second one is in the course reader, which, as we explained in the previous post and in class today, is available at Copy Central on Bancroft. A link to the map is on the previous post.

Note that there is our first in-class quiz on Wednesday. Underneath the readings, we have included the things that we would like you to think about as you read through it. Be ready to respond to a question in class.

Get started reading early!

Class enrollment and the waiting list…

As we explained in class, we have no control over the size of the class or who gets in off the waiting list. The class size of 49 people is dictated by the room (“Architectural determinism”? Or is this a result of laws in the fire code?).

For those of you who are enrolled in the class, we will be taking attendance. If you are not there on Wednesday and haven’t given us a good excuse, you will lose your place and someone will come in off the waiting list. If you have any questions about this, send us both emails.

Any more questions? Send us emails and we’ll try to get you a response as soon as we can.

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