See you tomorrow and info. on the Course Reader

Posted by Dan - July 5, 2009

We are excited to kick off the class tomorrow! Remember, we are meeting in South Hall, Room 202, at 1:00pm.

Location reminder

Not sure where South Hall is? If you’ve taken a campus tour, it’s the stop where the tour guide points at the “Oldest building on campus” and then asks you to find the “smallest bear on campus.” It’s an old red brick building across from the Campanile (the bell tower). Right about here.

Getting the Course Reader

As we explain on the class schedule and readings page, not all of the readings are in the reader, but some are. The first volume of readings, covering some of the readings from weeks 1 to 3 is available for pick up at Copy Central near the corner of Bancroft and Bowditch. This is the Copy Central on the south side of campus. Right about here.

It will be helpful to get the reader when you show up for the first meeting. Even better if you skim through the first two…

We’re excited to kick things off tomorrow! Looking forward to meeting all of you.

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