Assignment 11 – Revolutions

The Economist insists that the “revolution” began “at last” in 1995 and came about in good part because death of distance had arrived. It acknowledges (and we have seen) that similar claims about distance has often been made before but were wrong. Assess the Economist’s claim by asking whether it can account for the arguments that Marshall (a very important economist), writing more than 100 years before (the first edition of Principles of Economics was in 1890) makes for “localization.” Using evidence from both pieces, argue for one against the other, or try to reconcile the two.

Due: 4/21, 5:00 PM. Submit answer on bSpace assignment page.

For questions about the length or style of the essay, review the assignment guidelines.

  • answer the questions (a page or less)
  • provide citations (page numbers are fine if you’re referencing an assigned reading)
  • proofread your answer