Hacking Health 2013

Genentech ERS Challenge Data

Genentech ERS Dataset 1 – Patient IDs, Labs and Drug

Genentech ERS Dataset 2 – XY12345_SoA – data for hack-a-thon

Genentech ERS Challenge Presentation

Genentech Sample Barcode Flow Diagram

Novartis App Challenge Data

Access to Data will be granted at the event.


we’ve also compiled a list of places to look for publicly accessible healthcare data:

Kaggle – create an account to access dataset compromised of 10K patients records, including lab data

Get access to the MEDgle Doctor Algorithm and develop hyper-personalized apps!
API details:
username: hackinghealth
password: medgle

Below is more data sets from the health IT community – more to come as we near the codeathon.

Aetna Carepass Developer Portal API – Everything the Center for Disease Control (CDC) wants you to know – Census and insurance demographics
City of Berkeley – Public Health Reports – Treasure trove of data from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) – Raw data sets from the US government
EPA Health Data Sets
Fingertip Formulary (How drugs are covered under Medicare Part D)
Health Indicators Warehouse – CMS’s Hospital Compare database – quality metrics for thousands of hospitals
IMF Data and Statistics
Kaiser Family Foundation – industry research and reports
Mashery API
United Nations Health Statistics
World Bank Health Data Sets
WHO Health Data and Statistics