Following my graduation from Stanford University in 2000, I worked at The Hive Group from 2000 to 2003 until I started graduate school.

The Hive Group

While at The Hive Group, I helped create a Java based visual analytic application called Honeycomb. Inspired by the work of Dr. Ben Shneiderman in the Human Computer Interaction Laboratory at the University of Maryland, Honeycomb uses a treemap interface that allows users to visually compare thousands of nodes of a hierarchical tree all in one confined area of screen real estate.

As the Director of Professional Services and Manager of Product Development:

Oversaw the deployment of the Honeycomb and Honeycomb Studio product lines at all Hive Group clients, including several Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, and online product catalogs

  • Worked closely with customers and end-users in defining product and solution requirements
  • Lead team of five engineers in implementation of solutions
  • Managed post-implementation client relationships, including conducting on-site training sessions
  • Managed to completion all aspects of Hive Group product development, including product requirements definition and engineering project management

As User Interface Designer and Product Manager:

  • Designed and prototyped new features of Honeycomb product line
  • Authored Honeycomb User’s Manual, which greatly enhanced customers’ ability to learn product and reduced time for deployment
  • Co-authored Hive group strategic business plans, technology white papers, competitive analyses and various marketing materials

Public demos can be found here.

Check out more detailed history of treemaps and their usage here.