On the way to the gym today, I think I discovered my theme song. At least as I work on my dissertation. KCRW’s Today’s Top Tune from March 12 featured Mose Allison’s “My Brain,” a perfect little blues song. I considered posting the lyrics, but I think that part of the delight of the song is in their simple surprises. But I’ll just say that my brain is always ticking and working, and well, what happens later seems inevitable.

So if you’re so inclined, go listen to it for free here (KCRW) or here (Spinner).

Q: Who’s Mose Allison?

A: “Dubbed the “William Faulkner of Jazz,” Mose Allison  is one of the wittiest songwriters around,” says the producer of Today’s Top Tune here. “His music has been covered by a diverse line-up of musicians including The Clash, Leon Russell, Elvis Costello and Van Morrison. At 80 years old, his self-analysis and humor is captured with the help of producer Joe Henry and a bevy of some of L.A.’s finest session players,”

Q: And what’s this song really about?

A: “This track, which should probably be subtitled Old Man Blues, dealing as it does with mind deterioration, is from the wry opener of the Joe Henry-produced The Way of the World…,” explains Jerry Shriver at USA Today.

Yikes. Maybe I should re-think this.