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A young artist’s take on copyright over on the Digital Youth site

I just posted a short “Story from the Field” over on the Digital Youth site called “No, I don’t feel complimented: A young artist’s take on copyright.” It talks about the experience of 15 year-old Sharon, an aspiring photographer, and the tensions she experiences as she posts work to various online art websites and then grapples with the consequences of having her work available for people to repost, reuse, and “remix” on their own sites, blogs, or other places. The scenario I describe shows that the notion that all teenagers have radically different take on copyright than the rest of us is (as if the rest of us have a uniform take) is not necessarily the case. As I conclude in the article, I can’t claim that Sharon is representative of all teenagers or all artists, but that I suspect there are others dealing with the same conflicts.

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  1. Don L

    I know many people of all ages ready to take and use any images they can get away with from the internet. The net makes it extremely easy and tempting. I also know many people, including myself, that try to protect ourselves and our art from being used without authorization. I think most young people are not focused on those kinds of situations and either by ignorance (no disrespect intended) or by positive outlook, don’t think that way.

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