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Not sure if there’s a causal link (or if so, which direction it goes) in relation to the MS13 and WoW roles, but there are definitely cases where people fill in their lives with the roles and narratives supplied by WoW.

The documentary “Second Skin” (can watch it all on Hulu: and the web seried “The Guild”  both take on this topic; the latter is a parody, leavened by the fact that the writers are big WoW players themselves.

It’s easy to get into armchair psychoanalysis about these people, but I’ve tried to factor that out and it seems still that there’s a strong desire for people to have a clear narrative thread in their lives. “I’m a student” or “I’m saving for a new house” or “I mod and race cars” — along those lines. WoW certainly can provide that. (Along with a steady feed of the quick-reward cycle, where clicks lead to tiny victories, supplying a little jolt of endorphins. Mmm, endorphins.)