Full Nelson

1. Nelson, like many of the alternative thinkers we have read about so far, spills a good deal of ink on education and the possibilities for education reform using technology. Why is education almost invariably chosen as a means of applying these authors’ ideas? What is it about the educational endeavour specifically that makes it so conducive to both criticism and the application of technological ideas?

2. What potential downsides can you see to two-directional linking as envisioned by Nelson? How might the WWW have evolved differently if it had been implemented in this way?

1 thought on “Full Nelson

  1. I don’t think Nelson thought through the whole 2 directional linking thing very well. It reminds me of Cory Doctorow’s Metacrap argument.

    There is just no way you’re going to convince people to play well together long enough for 2way linking to take hold. Like many other greenfield protocol designers, Nelson assumes incorrectly that adoption is someone else’s problem. Accordingly, there is no discussion of adoption, or what kind of incentive structures might be needed for social efficacy. It’s dead in the water, forever vaporware.

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