Polanyi and Schumacher

Google just announced they will try and buy back their brand loyalty from the bay area after being targeted as the symbol of gentrification with their latest .org venture.  The judging criteria is:

  1. Community impact
  2. Innovation
  3. Scalability
  4. Feasibility


How would Schumacher lay out the four criteria?  (Choose your own)

  1. Community obviousness
  2. Cheapness
  3. Un-scalable
  4. Creativity inducing

Why must an idea scale to be valuable?  Isn’t too big of scale just the problem?  Karl Polanyi, a political economist who is in vogue right now, suggests that the problem with capitalism is that our social values have been stripped from economic relations.  And in turn that they can be re-embedded , therefore protecting the eventual ruin of all natural resources in a self regulated market.

Can Schumacher values provide a roadmap for this re-embedding?