Naming the World

A few questions the reading raised for me:

  1. What does it mean to “name the world”or “read the world” in a technological age? Is technology a tool to help us in naming, or is it something that needs to be named?
  2. Is the process of selections of codifications a way for investigators to exercise power? What other ways do they do so?
  3. How might access to computing mitigate the need for specialists and  investigators? Can people do this for themselves? What literacies do they need? Can user interfaces help? Or, does this whole idea conflict with the idea of an authentic dialogue? Can technology facilitate a deeper, richer more authentic dialogue?
  4. Echoing Sarah, why are the oppressed responsible for liberating the oppressors? Sounds like a lot of work. What if they want to become oppressors themselves? What if they just want to play videogames? Is this yet another way to derelict our own personal moral responsibilities?

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