So, how does the revolution work?

An admitted Friere fan, I totally agree with statements like “The revolution is made neither by the leaders for the people, nor by the people for the leaders, but by both acting together in unshakable solidarity. ” and “Action and reflection occur simultaneously. ” In fact, I try to embody them in a lot of my work.

But Friere often stops short of more concrete advice on how to execute the revolution he suggests. When beginning an oppression challenging project, how does it work for leaders and followers to act in solidarity together? How does it work for action and reflect to occur simultaneously? Thoughts on how we might translate Friere’s principles into methods and tools?

1 thought on “So, how does the revolution work?

  1. Agreed. I found Freire’s concepts powerful, but sometimes vague. For one, his first stage of pedagogy of the oppressed, which consists of unveiling oppression through “praxis” to commit to transformation, is lacking in further instruction. Can we see Info 203 and Info 206 as a type of “praxis” that allows such transformation? Further, I wanted Freire to speak more of “objectivism” and “subjectivism”; one of the problems with applying theory to practice is that, many times, it simply does not apply when a specific goal is desired. How do we apply theory to practice? Or the contrary: how can we sufficiently ingrain theory into our practice?

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