CCTV turns into a ‘film’

This is the first of three posts on Youtube on the Dubai murder I mentioned:


Original CCTV footage provided by Dubai Police.
Total Running Time: 27 min. (divided in 3 parts)
Date: 19 January 2010 20:27h
Place: Dubai, Al Bustan Rotana Hotel, Room 230

For our purposes, I think the creation of the narrative is really interesting. Also note that the conclusion they came to was incorrect because this was released before they discovered the passports were all stolen.


I connected several older, unedited videos, all of which I made with my dSLR, from my Flickr stream to the group to demonstrate:

  • video as extended moment
  • video as panorama — extended place
  • sound — remember that your video recorder is also a sound recorder.

Short videos for Weds

Hopefully everyone has the readings for tomorrow. Also supply a short video if you can – 90 seconds – best to upload these to the Flickr group that Nancy set up and we can share them from there. We’ll talk about the differences between a narrative in still images and a short video, and discuss the way the medium does/does not affect how a narrative is told. And hopefully we’ll get time for a quick review of iMovie.

Flickr Group Created

I’ve created a Flickr group called

i290 viz narrative

It’s a public group, meaning you don’t need an invitation to join.  Just search for the group and then join.  Then you have the option of posting images and short (<90 second) videos to the group.  We’ll use this for sharing images and short videos — easier than the course blog.
Feel free to post *anything* you’d like the rest of us to see.
FYI, videos can take a long time to upload, but are easy to view.

Video in the Delivery Room

NY Times article: “Rules on cameras in delivery room stir passions”

People who want everything documented (and on Facebook) vs hospitals.  Concerns include the photography/video process distracting the medical staff or getting in the way. 

But also the video (edited or not) being used to sue the medical staff; and interpreted by juries who don’t know what usually goes on in the delivery room.  Someone won a big settlement when a video proved that a nurse-midwife used excessive force. Shades of Rodney King!