I’m Kate, another second year master’s student at the I School. My background is in cartography, but these days I’m more interested in user research.

I know how to take a photo with a point-and-shoot, but that’s about it. And while I have some experience with video editing, it’s been self-taught and limited to making clips and simple edits.

I’ll need to document my final project (I’m working with Youth Radio in Oakland), and I would like it to look better than what I’ve done in the past! I’m looking forward to learning about new ways to communicate my work.

contact me at kate at ischool dot berkeley dot edu

Aaminah’s Intro

I am a third year doctoral student in the Graduate School of Education. My focus area is Language, Literacy, Society, and Culture. My three areas of research are digital literacies, transnational and African American identity formation, and teacher education. I am currently researching mobile literacy practices of urban transnational youth. I have always had an interest in videography and have my BA in Radio and Television Broadcasting. I am keenly interested in digital activism/social justice and critical media literacy as it relates to urban youth. I am intrigued by the use of the visual as a resource or tool for social justice as in the Oscar Grant Case. My email is aaminahm@berkeley.edu. I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you this spring!

Hi! I’m Kimra

I’m Kimra McPherson, a second-year master’s student at the School of Information. I’m a user experience researcher, blogger, and former journalist (both traditional newspaper reporting and online entertainment writing), and I’m particularly interested in people’s personal relationships with media of all sorts.

I’m a recreational photographer with one photojournalism class under my belt and a minimal amount of experience of taking photos for publication. I’ve also done some shaky Flip-style video interviews and edited videos using iMovie. I’m taking this class both to learn more about best practices for multimedia narratives and to figure out how to incorporate different techniques into my final project presentation.

My e-mail: kimra@ischool.berkeley.edu