Jenni’s 3: Story Time

My Course Project

My course project is in the planning phase, so I will update this description as the semester progresses. The basic idea is that a colleague is doing a study on technology in learning environments. The age groups observed will be grammar school and high school students. We’re doing home visits in both Los Angeles and San Francisco, where we’ll observe students as they complete course related tasks. Additionally, we will visit at least one school to document technology in the classroom.

My project partner is the primary researcher for this study. My role is to assist with documentation (audio, video, and still images).

Kimra’s Morning

Obligatory Cat Photo
Obligatory Cat Photo
This is Griffin sitting in his favorite spot. I attempted to use fill flash on this one but couldn’t get it to fire fast enough. This looks darker than I remember it being — I took a few with different manual settings before he eventually ran away from me, but none of them seemed quite right.

Getting Ready
Getting Ready
I was packing for a trip to a conference on Wednesday morning. When I pack, I have a habit of throwing everything I’m going to take onto the bed and then splitting it up into bags from one giant pile. I was down to little stuff by the time I took this photo (the camera was previously in the pile).

I love this bagel shop because of its huge case right in the front (and because it has pumpernickel bagels, let’s be honest). I initially wanted to get the case straight-on so it would fill the whole frame with just bagels, trays, and labels, but the glare was awful. I still have more glare than I’d like, especially on the left side.

3 Photos

House on the corner of Chesnut and Hearst

Construction on the corner of Oxford and Hearst.

Somewhere in the forest that runs through campus…for some reason, my camera decided to use the flash for this photo.  It doesn’t look like that was the best choice.

Photography on the way to class

I spent a long time trying to get a photo of these flowers on my coffee table. It turns out my entire living room is filled with while cabinets, trim, and glass that reflects the sun in the morning. I’m still not quite happy with the picture, but here it is. My plan was to get one photo at home, one on the way to BART, and one in Berkeley, but I only managed to get the first 2 photos since I spent too long trying to get a better flower shot.

Make Images on your Way to Class 2/9

On your way to class — somewhere between your bed and room 205 SH — take 3 pictures to share with the rest of us that say something about your morning. (Of course you can take more and pick the 3 you like best — the point is to produce 3 to show the rest of us.)  Use whatever camera you’re bringing to class, which will likely range from dSLR to cameraphone.  We’ll either transfer images from your camera or card to our laptop, or plug your laptop into the projector.  People’s skills range a lot, so don’t stress out over this! The only way to learn to do photography is to DO photography.