Jenni’s project description

For my project, I would like to examine digital  “My Life” stories created by Oakland high schoolers in response to similarly themed digital stories created by peers in India, Norway, NYC, Australia, and South Africa. I’m a GSR for Glynda Hull’s Kidnet project (, which examines how teens communicate and shape identities through social networks; my responsibilities include acting as co-instructor and participant observer each Saturday morning at Oakland Military Institute (OMI). We have only had two sessions so far, but I’m really interested in how OMI students “read” other students’ videos and “write” their own video responses. Does one text inform the other (thinking of Bakhtin here)? If so, in what ways, and can a semiotic analysis of videos reveal intertextuality?

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About jmhiggs

I'm a first-year PhD student in the Language, Literacy, and Culture program in the Graduate School of Education. I enjoy documenting the ordinary and extraordinary with photographs, an activity made ever easier with the multitude of technologies available nowadays!