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House on the corner of Chesnut and Hearst

Construction on the corner of Oxford and Hearst.

Somewhere in the forest that runs through campus…for some reason, my camera decided to use the flash for this photo. ┬áIt doesn’t look like that was the best choice.

3 thoughts on “3 Photos

  1. Hmm — well, the house is behind a truck, so it’s really a picture of the truck, isn’t it?

  2. Ha, yes…I was originally trying to take a picture of the house but an endless stream of cars started pulling up to the stop sign and I didn’t want to look creepy stranding around trying to take a picture of some random person’s house.

  3. !!! Creepy photographer! One thing you learn in doing street photography (i.e., without people’s participation) is that sometimes you have to be brave. Re the flash in the ‘forest’: your flash was on auto and it was trying to overcome the low light. If you turn the flash off, it’ll compensate by changing the exposure rather than trying to use flash. Now you see why you need to be able to override the flash.

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