Hi there, I’m a first year MS/PhD student in Mechanical Engineering. I worked for a few years as a designer & strategist at innovation firm IDEO, where I developed the skills and a taste for ethnography as practiced in design research. Accordingly, I have the requisite (meaning, minimum) technical competencies in photography, video editing, sound editing, etc in addition to the abstract framing and synthesis that goes into worthwhile research.

I’ve also spent time in various writing workshops for short story craft, so I’m looking for ways to bring that mode of thinking to bear on multimedia narrative.

No projects in mind, yet.

Looking forward!

Kevin Huynh

Hello hello.

I’m Kevin Huynh, 1st year Mechanical Engineering grad student.  My interests are wide and my background is ironic.  In short, I like to make ideas happen and I’m obsessed with creativity and inspiration.

I’m interested in working in design strategy/innovation consulting, and rich media and story telling has always come up as an integral part of that.  I started a social art sideproject called the Common Camera Project that’s distributing hundreds of disposable cameras in a take-a-pic-and-pass-it-on campaign in search of inspiration.

I’m interested in learning more about photography (and learn how to take better pics) as well as better frame my thinking about how images can be employed to tell better stories.  I don’t have a huge background with photography apart from being an appreciator and an owner of a point and shoot.  I’ve worked a lot with photoshop (but primarily for graphic design purposes) and have dabbled in video editing with Adobe Premiere on a few occasions.  Enough to survive.

Pleasure to meet ya.

Bryan Trinh

I’m Bryan Trinh, a first year Masters student from the Mechanical Engineering department. Although we have no official concentration tracts, I focus my studies on the designing of products: both the tangible, and digital.

I am interested in designing products that connect–ones that transcend the superficial specifications of usage. I am a believer that the secret to making a connection is storytelling. A big part of storytelling is crafting the environment and emotional context that the creation exists or atlas designing with these in mind.

I have experience working with DSLR’s and the newer generation of video capable interchangeable lens cameras. In the past I have also worked with miniDV’s.

In terms of software, I have used adobe premiere in the past but admit that I will have to brush up on those skills. I have also recently tried Sony Vegas Pro. I recently acquired a license of Adobe Production Premium and will be using that this semester.

I am taking this class to simply improve my abilities. I don’t have any particular project in mind as of yet.

My email is [ bryan trinh 88  at gmail dot com ] (parse as expected)

Dan C

I’m Daniel Chiang, second year I School Master’s student. My focus at the I School is user interface design and user experience research. I took up photography to help take pictures for my church and other campus student groups. I think I’ve read alot about different photographic techniques but haven’t gotten around to practice most of them. I bought a Canon T2i partly for its HD video capabilities (and ‘cuz I couldn’t afford a 7D) and use it here and there for personal stuff.

I also have some experience with video production (Avid DV, Final Cut), storyboarding, and scriptwriting, so I thought this class would be a great chance to acquire more formal training on both storytelling through media and the technical aspects of production. Like others, I’m also interested in this class for my final project and presentation.

My email is ude.yelekreb.loohcsinull@gnaihcd.


Hey Everyone, I am Sean Carey, I am a second year master’s student in the School of Information at Berkeley. After coming to the Information School, I have become most interested in prototyping, designing and user experience research. I have prior interest in photography from sports and landscape photography.

I’d say I am a moderately advanced photographer, borderline expert. I do not have any darkroom photography experience, just digital. I would like to apply whatever skills I learn here for use in my final project, but also to expand my knowledge and skills at photography.

Usually the best way to contact me is via email. I addictively check it: ude.yelekreb.loohcsinull@yerac_s


I’m Michael, second year master’s student at the I School. I’m focusing on the design and implementation of data visualizations for large data sets. That also means that I can finally put my background in computer science and my dark past working on large-scale databases for Swiss banks into good use.

I used to be passionate about analog b/w photography and spent quite some free time in dark rooms developing my pictures. i don’t maintain my Flickr account, but some random selection of my pictures can still be seen there. What sparked my interest in photography was an Henri Cartier Bresson exhibition in Tel Aviv back in the day. His life work is currently also shown at SF MOMA, and it’s definitely worth a visit.

My final project team designs an educational platform for distance learners, which presents students with multi-modal narratives. I hope that what we do in the course of this semester informs the design of our system. Apart from that, I’m looking forward to explore media editing tools a little further.

Contact me at ude.yelekreb.loohcsinull@ekim

Multimedia Narrative: Example

A major development in photography is the shift to multimedia storytelling, including video. Speeding this along (if possible) is the ability of newer dSLRs like my Canon 7D to capture HD video.

Here’s an example of a skilled and successful photographer adding video to her skillset: Ami Vitale and a workshop she’ll be teaching at Santa Fe Workshops.

And here’s a video of India that she made. Her photographer’s eye is apparent in these images.


I’m Kate, another second year master’s student at the I School. My background is in cartography, but these days I’m more interested in user research.

I know how to take a photo with a point-and-shoot, but that’s about it. And while I have some experience with video editing, it’s been self-taught and limited to making clips and simple edits.

I’ll need to document my final project (I’m working with Youth Radio in Oakland), and I would like it to look better than what I’ve done in the past! I’m looking forward to learning about new ways to communicate my work.

contact me at kate at ischool dot berkeley dot edu